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Corporate image

NFT display


The Metacosmic Space of D3D Meta

Realistic scene

Revert the real world and restore the offline experience

Multiple functional divisions to meet various external and internal needs

Seamless connection between the virtual and the real, bringing a highly immersive participation experience

Personality Digital Person

Abundant digital human database, with a large number of images to choose from; Customized functions to experience the fun of DIY digital people; It is convenient and fast to upload photos with one click

All natural interaction

Support voice, text, action and expression, all the interaction methods you can think of, making communication more smooth and interaction more natural

Create to Exhibition

It can be used externally for business reception, product release, marketing promotion and large-scale exhibitions; Internal support for remote office, teaching and training, daily meetings, recruitment interviews

User self authoring

Whether Xiaobai or Dashen, all creative ideas can be customized at will. MOD mode can be replaced by one button to achieve different ideas. Advanced mode supports the free construction of PaaS from 0 to 1

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Cooperative Partner

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